Special Message for Visitors

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Last few decades has witnessed a rapid increase in Regional Jewellery exhibitions which indicates the growing interest and confidence of Organizers Exhibitors and Visitors towards it. But the thing to be noticed here is, among all those, how many organizers succeds in
providing high class service or mainly making a proper business environment.

Guests, the main motive behind this is to provide a better dynamic platform to the jewellers of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar by which they can have business tie-up opportunity with well-named Wholesalers & reputed Manufacturers and it would obviously let them carry their business to the seventh sky of new heights for not only that three days but for entire year.

Our team structure is the main quality of this unique exhibition. For last 15 years we have been satisfying our customers with our work. From the experience we got by organizing so many exhibitions in North India (A Prominent Market) and serving this wonderful important industry, we planned to start this project. Working on the policy we give you an utmost assurance that you will feel proud to be a part of this exhibition on . You could imagine how our valued exhibitors are excited to showcase their incredible stock, new innovative designs & creative full range of Gold, Diamond & Silver Jewellery in front of you. They are preparing themselves even 7 months before onwards. We as an organizer also await your presence on that auspicious days to welcome our wonderful guests like you with our great arrangements.

So, please come to carry your business ahead, be a part of this exhibition and help our effort to make this a remarkable business hub in world map

Thanks and Regrads